MAKETANK Inc. Theory of Change


MAKETANK Inc. (MTI) believes society is best served when all members of our community have access to engaging programming involving creative making and innovative thinking.  Founded by a group of artists, MAKETANK strives to design and implement programs that build individual’s creative confidence, encourage collaboration, build community, and enhance understanding of science, technology, engineering, art and math.  We approach this on three different fronts: community building and outreach through the Oxford Kinetics Festival; STEAM into Action educational programming for in school and after school projects; research into the efficacy of STEAM education and design thinking pedagogy.  We embrace the ideology of the Maker Movement – empowering people with the ability to make things for themselves and understand how tools and technology work and can be used creatively.  We hope to expand the reach of the Maker Movement to embrace girls, traditionally underrepresented minorities, and under-resourced communities and individuals. Through this work we hope to increase the innovative thinking and creative making skills of our community.  We believe diversity = innovation – the greater variety of viewpoints and backgrounds we bring to work on any problem the more innovative solutions we generate.

Oxford Kinetics Festival

MAKETANK has been organizing and administering the Oxford Kinetics Festival since its inception in 2011.  Every year the festival brings together artists, makers, scientists, educators, students, and community members of all stripes to celebrate and explore creative STEAM activities. Groups from around the region develop projects to bring to the festival.  Participants from MTI’s STEAM into Action programs throughout the year bring the results of their projects to share with the community.  There are races and workshops, experiments and demonstrations. The festival is a day to show off your creative spirit and learn from the rest of the community some creative new ways to go about making your mark in the world.

STEAM into Action / Access to Innovation

Throughout the year MTI administrators and volunteers design engaging STEAM programming for kids throughout our region. Some of this programming takes place in after school activities like the Talawanda Middle School STEAM Club or seasonal programming with regional Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs and group homes. Other programs take place during the school day as we add creative processes to STEM classroom activities to broaden the appeal of STEM learning to reach kids who aren’t connecting with STEM as it is currently being taught.

Educational Research

We believe in the ability of creative STEAM projects and hands-on activities to engage traditionally underrepresented cohorts with STEM learning and exploration – but we want to be sure we are going about our work in an effective manner.  As a result we are also involved in research to study the efficacy of our programming approach in academic and after school settings.  Working together with a transdisciplinary team of educators and researchers we are seeking funding from the National Science Foundation to conduct a two year exploratory study to examine the effects of a design thinking pedagogical approach to teaching project-based STEM learning outcomes in under-resourced schools in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We collect and analyze data on student self-efficacy and self-perception in our after school programs as well.  Through this work we aim to contribute to the national body of research and knowledge in the field of STEM to STEAM education outreach to traditionally underrepresented minorities, girls, and children of low socioeconomic status and increase creativity and innovative thinking in our society in the 21st century.