Pedal Punk

For this year's Kinetics Festival we went with a circus theme, "Circus Fracas".  Miami University's Performing Arts Series brought in Cirque Mechanics to perform their Pedal Punk show the Wednesday prior to the festival so we were able to do a variety of cross promotions.  One of my favorite things we did was arrange a workshop for all of the STEAM Club kids as well as interested engineering students from the middle school and high school with some of the performers and makers from Cirque Mechanics.  

The folks from Cirque Mechanics put on amazing performances using mechanism they have created and built which all are related to bicycles.  They are engaging performers who are excited to share their enthusiasm for creating and performing with everyone they meet.  The students had a great time learning about what they do and getting up close and personal with their amazing contraptions. We were pleased and proud of the probing questions our kids had about how the mechanisms worked.  We enjoyed learning about their iterative design process and the input from engineers and performers in coming up with final designs that met everyone's needs. Later that night a number of the students and their families were able to attend the performance.  It was great to see everyone we had spent the afternoon hanging out with at the high school in action on stage.