Last Day of STEAM Club - Kites But No Wind

We had such a great time building kites with our STEAM Club in 2015, we then went on to make them with families at Miami University's Alumni College and with conference attendees at University of Texas - Austin's UTeach conference.  So for this year's last meeting of STEAM Club we wanted to make our favorite tetrahedral and box kites with the kids.  

The good news is that kite building is not weather dependent, flying kites on the other hand is a little more fussy.  These are great kites and great kids and they gave it their all, but there was just no wind for our big last day.  

You can find step-by-step instructions for building the tetrahedral kites on the "Killer Kites" page on this site. Do make your own, they are easy and fun and offer tons of platforms for exploring geometry and flight dynamics.

In a fair wind these kites fly like a dream.  In no wind conditions you have to run like the dickens! We have had a great year with the kids in our Talawanda Middle School STEAM Club.  It has been a joy to get to know them and hear all of their great ideas about building and making and exploring the world.