Bag O' Chips

So much of the work we have been doing at the Changing Lives house has focused on the pickle bike that the chip bike has been a little neglected. Last week we did get the design sketched out on the fabric with the help of the boys but when it came time to start to build the frame for the chip bag onto the bike we realized it is too big to fit in the garage of the house. So, we are having to make some mid-stream changes.  

We will have to build the Conestoga Wagon-style frame at the sculpture studio and then fit the fabric over it there.  We have also realized we are going to have to rent a moving truck in order to get the bikes to downtown Cincinnati for the Opening Day Parade and then back up to Oxford for the festival. Initially I think we just assumed our regular contingent of pick-up trucks could fill the bill.

We were excited that the fabric remained nicely see-through from the driver's seat, and there is room in the back for a passenger.  Another concern with both of these builds has been to maintain steer-ability, this has required modifications along the way based on the different steering mechanisms on each bike but seems to have been adequately accommodated. We want the boys to have a good, safe, frustration-free time in the parade!