We'd Better Get Started Working on that Bag of Chips!

As we merrily went along building the pickle bike with great elán, it dawned on us that we had better start working on the bag of chips as well. We had an idea for a bag on it's side that would pretty well envelope a four-wheeled bike, but that necessitated that the material something the rider could see through to avoid unintended disaster on the parade route.  After consulting some friends in the theater department specializing in set design and puppetry we settled on athletic fabric.  This is the material basketball shorts are made out of, it is thin nylon with lots of tiny holes. It is strong and will take paint but still remain see through.  I was able to find some after checking with a couple of fabric stores and Rod's amazing wife Christina sewed a few pieces together to make one giant sheet we could fold in half.  

Grippo's is a locally produced brand of potato chips here in Cincinnati and the boys absolutely love them.  In order to get an accurate rendering of the bag Rod hung the fabric and then projected an image of the bag onto the wall in the boys' basement.  Then they traced the outlines of the image using sharpies.  Later we painted it using acrylic house paint from the hardware store. We had kids who hadn't been that excited about working on the pickle bike who really wanted to jump in at this point where things seemed more to their traditional way of thinking about art-making.