The Beginnings of a Pickle Bike

This week we started building the infrastructure of the pickle bike.  We like to use cpvc pipes to build structures around bikes.  A few years ago we came up with a device we call a bike spike to facilitate attaching  1/2" cpvc pipes to the frames of bicycles.  Bike spikes have a tapered spike attached to a piece of curved metal.  We attach the spike to various parts of a bike using zip-ties to start.  Once we are certain of placement we use hose clamps for a stronger attachment.

Once the spike is on the bike you can jam a piece of cpvc on and bend and curve that to wherever you need it.  For some of the ribs of the bike it was easier to split the pipes and have a much bendier but less hearty building material. For some of the design we needed to heat sections of the cpvc with a heat gun so it could be bent to a specific angle.  These bends are awesome but it does make the material a bit more brittle so we do worry about too much strain on those points leading to breakage. Since it was still pretty cold outside we did the majority of this build in the basement of one of Changing Lives' houses and were able to store it in their garage.