Pickle Bike Infrastructure Build Continues

We needed another day to finish up building the basic infrastructure of the pickle bike.  The youngest boy at the house is twelve and he was delighted to be put in charge of running the drills.  Once we had the main pipes attached to the bike we cross-hatched a number of split pieces which were then screwed to each other for structural support.  Prior to screwing the pieces in place we held them with thin strips of duct tape so we could make adjustments if needed.  And yes, they were needed.

The decision was also made to put a small seat on the back of the bike so that a passenger could ride along on the pickle bike.  This addition will necessitate a small rear pickle window so that the passenger can see out and enjoy the parade as well.

It was a nice day so we decided it was a good idea at this point to take the bike outside and make sure it could still be steered and pedaled with the new additions.  

Issues like how to get in and out of the structure reared their head today.  We decided a large oval opening on the side was the best option - an opening which may or may not be covered by some sort of door int he final product.  There's a bit of contortion involved in getting in and on the bike but nothing too taxing.

Today some of the folks who were having trouble envisioning what we were working toward said, "Oh, I see it now."