Chicken Wire on the Pickle Bike

With the cpvc infrastructure in place it was time to apply chicken wire.  Ultimately this bike will be skinned with duct tape but it needs something to flesh out the areas between the cpvc to give it proper shape.  This is pokey business, the ends of chicken wire have an uncanny ability to jab into finger tips no matter how careful you are.  We were lucky to have another nice day so we worked out in the driveway again.

One of the positive results of Rod having raised pigs in Texas in his youth is his knowledge of hog nose rings.  They have a million used besides their intended purpose of going in hogs' noses to keep them from opening gates and getting into various other kinds of trouble with their noses. These rings come in very handy for lots of building and construction projects.  We used them last year at the Contemporary Art Center project building personal flight devices to attach strapping to cardboard.  Today we used them to attach the chicken wire to the cpvc.  Hog nose rings are sort of a triangle shape with an opening along one side.  Each end is extremely sharp and piercing.  You use special hog nose ring pliers to then squeeze the triangle ring closed, permanently connecting whatever is in it's grasp.  You can find these items at large farm supply retailers, or of course, on Amazon.

The more that his thing actually looks like a giant pickle the more enthusiastic the kids get about working on it.