At Long Last - Tape on the Pickle

The day finally arrived that we could start applying duct tape to the pickle bike.  All the infrastructure building was finally going to pay off with some form and color and pickleness! I ordered a couple different shades of green duct in fairly large quantities and we set to work.

As is so often the case with trying something for the first time, we encountered more thoughts we had that turned out to be wrong and issues we failed to foresee.  Key take home point of the day: Duct tape is heavy. We had originally planned to cover this thing in duct tape both outside and in.  Shortly into the tape application it became clear that this wasn't going to happen.  For one, the ends of the pickle were pretty much impossible to reach from the inside, but most importantly, this tape is heavy.  Remember, this whole pickle structure is just being held onto the bike by our bike spikes, 1/2" cpvc, and hose clamps.  The weight of the tape threatened to overwhelm those connections and warped and distorted some of the less well-reinforced sections of the design.  There was a bit of slooping and drooping that needed to be addressed as the build continued, but some binding wire and yes, duct tape, properly applied seemed to do the trick.

We cut a variety of sizes of styrofoam balls (leftover from last year's Space Quest project with Big Brothers and Big Sisters) in half and applied these for authentic looking pickley bumps. This pickle is really coming together!