Wing building techniques

For STEAM Club this week we decided to examine some building ideas associated with wings. Though in the spirit of this club we were not sticklers about kids making wings or anything else that could actually fly, we just wanted to examine some of the materials and concepts that were in play in the experimentation of early wing design.

Granted, there was likely no hot glue in the Wright Brother's workshop, but the use of flexible wooden reed and and paper and fabric skin was more on point. The hot glue just made things go quicker.

A fine example of us presenting one idea and the kids running in a direction we didn't conceive of, we discussed winds thinking planes and maybe birds, we got dragons. We were, of course, delighted with the grace of the dragon wings created.

We also had a great variety of attempts at balloons.  They were awesome, but of course they did not fly.  But we loved them and how well the kids embraced experimenting with the materials.