SPACE QUEST - Second Meeting

We had another great day with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters kids on March 2nd.  I was greeted at the start by Ryan (who was pictured in the first meeting post) telling me that he and his sister had built a solar system project at home during the previous week but that it broke.  I sympathized that many fabulous things I make break as well which is sad but I was excited to hear the details of their investigation.  Apparently they searched their house for round objects of varying sizes and assembled them into a configuration of planets and their moons.  Needless to say I was thrilled!  


Kelsey and I hung up a huge piece of kraft paper (4' x 18') that represented our new system.  Kelsey placed a makeshift sun in the middle and we handed out supplies to the kids.  Everyone made their own solar body, named it, and placed it where they chose in the new system.  We had asteroids and meteors, planets and moons, and in one case an entire galaxy.  Everyone is excited to start working on our 3 - D versions next week!